Riot Girls

Riot Girls


Three 20-something-year-old punk girls trying to make a name for themselves in a neon city loaded with eccentric gangs and criminal activities. On routine night of rebel misconduct, the girls get caught up in an escalating turn of events that pit them up against some of the most dangerous and bizarre gangs in the city.

"Riot Girls" is the working title for an original story by Tyler Johnson currently in development.



She's a nihilistic bad ass with a short fuse and violent tendencies. The daughter to a member of an unambitious gang, Bab's wants to become the biggest boss of the most powerful gang in the city.



While she may look too busy texting, posting, or playing on her cell phone, Trix can out-maneuver anyone on the streets. She also laughs too hard at the worst jokes.



Her loud mouth may get her into trouble but her fists can take care of it. Ruby never backs down from a challenge and if she can tilt the odds in her favor, even better.


I want to create a fresh story with entertaining characters in a rad looking city. I'm currently developing the story, world, and characters and want to get more creative voices involved. All patrons will be credited in the final creation, whether it be a comic, novel, art book, or all of the above. They also get to see more sketches, download Photoshop files, and join in private streams.


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