GenCon Wrap Up

So Gen Con has come and gone. I have never been so exhausted from a convention before. It's definitely my favorite con as a board gamer myself so I was ecstatic to even be placed among all the talents who are accepted by the judges of the GenCon art show.

With all that out of the way, let's get into my first experience as an artist in the show.

My Trip

I came down with a few friends of mine. You might know Pui Che and Ki Kline (Gawki) who also got tables and Gabe Bautista, Gabo, who was there signing copies of the "Dead of Winter" comic that he's been drawing. An easy drive from Wisconsin.


 My booth

The convention itself is well organized and I didn't have any issues with getting in and setting up. First time having pro panels to display artwork! Now I didn't have a real plan for my display though my products aren't really complicated. We used some velcro tape to attach prints to the panels, which worked really well, since they were easy to move around to reorganize the prints. I got a new table runner, which came out nicer than I thought, and some new color prints to sell.

The Crowd

Photo Aug 18, 8 39 11 AM.jpg

The crowd is kind of like your usual comic con crowd, but of course more gaming focused. I feel like they were a older though. Where comic cons/ anime cons have more of the teen scene, since i think comics and anime are more mainstream so therefor more accessible. GenCon on goers were closer to my age and parents. I didn't have any bad experiences with attendees at all. Everyone was really polite, fun, and responded well to my work. The really cool thing was that art directors came to us. I talked to so many art directors from different companies and people just starting up, which is what I was hoping for. More work with higher profile companies is what I've been striving for. But don't worry, I always want to give the little guys a chance to make it and hopefully my art style will help.


I personally don't make bank at shows, I'm still hitting my stride I think, but my sales here were the best so far but I still didn't quite hit my goal. The reason I think is that I don't have any high costing products yet. All I have is small art prints so my profits are kind of capped. But my strategy will be to make some new art specifically for larger prints. My friends did have amazing numbers though so the show is definitely good for sales. I think the audience is filled with collectors and are generally more responsible with money being an older crowd. With board games, players are essentially playing with art so I feel they have more of an appreciation for it.

 Who wouldn't buy from this guy?

Who wouldn't buy from this guy?


I'm sad to say I didn't have many chances to go out and play/ demo any games. The drawback from manning a booth. I did get to finally play a quick round of "Centershaft" by Not My Eyeball Games, a game I've been doing the artwork for; a couple rounds of Resistance with 9 other strangers, but I was way to exhausted to even give 50%, haha. I also got to play some of the new Bob Ross game with friends and all I have to say about that game is that it's the chillest. 

In Closing

I had a great time and totally worth the table cost. I was actually so exhausted on Friday, I wasn't sure I was going to make it to Sunday, :P. I hope to get into the art show again next year and see all your lovely faces!


Happy Gaming!