Emerald City Aftermath

It has come and gone. My first year at Emerald City Comicon and first time even in Seattle. 

Long Story Short: It was a great experience. Met a lot of good people, saw a lot of great artists, but didn't get to see as much as I wanted to. Thanks everyone who stopped by!

Long Story Long: Firstly, I was only suppose to get a half table (3 ft) but my table mate either never showed up, was moved, or canceled so I basically got a full table for free! So that was pretty awesome luck. Sales were pretty good. Sold out of the copies of Ghostel I did bring so thanks to all you boardgamers for the support. I didn't get a real chance to go around except the last hour of the con so no sweet merch for me. I did get to meet a few artists that I've followed for a long time tho, which is always nice. I wish I got to see more of the city and all that, but maybe next time I'll plan a little better. That about wraps it up. Now it's back to reality. Hope to see ya next time!