Runika: And the Six-Sided Spellbook

Client: Fox Tale Games
Year: unreleased

Character illustrations for an upcoming game from Fox Tale Games. Kickstarter coming 2019.

Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmare (Family Friendly version)

Client: Fox Tale Games
Year: 2017

Card illustrations for a family friendly version of the successfully crowd-funded game.

Legends of Draxia: Corrupted Mana Expansion

Client: Mythica Gaming
Year: 2017

Illustrations for the first expansion to the successfully crowd-funded game.

Ghostel: The Boardgame

Client: Tinkerbot Games 
Year: 2016

This is an indie game successfully funded on Kick Starter in Febuary 2016. I created all of the illustrations for the game. The characters on the cards are a combination of horror icons and caricatures of the backers. These are samples of the artwork done for the project from Box art, game board, cards, and tokens.

May 2018- The first expansions to the original game were recently completed with more horror icons, guest caricatures, and a basement game board addition.