An original game by Tyler Johnson

An original game by Tyler Johnson

Hello, and thank you for visiting. Alchemania is a little side project of mine. It's a mini card game that uses memory and set collection mechanics. It's at a point in development where I need to have it play tested by more than just myself and friends. That's where I can use your help. Below is more information about the game and a link to download a 'print and play' version of it. If you do have a chance to try it out, please let me know what you think.


The New Age of Magic!: (story)

Alchemancy is the hot new magical practice with promise of improving the Kingdom’s way of life. You are amateur Alchemages competing to perform the most impressive alchemancy for the praise of the kingdom. Discover the secrets of this new craft and be the first master of this new art, but this magic is still unknown and can be dangerous. So try not to destroy the kingdom while you’re at it!

Be the first great Alchemage!: (overview)

‘Alchemaniacs’ is a lightweight, and lighthearted, set collecting memory card game. Conjure the Elements and turn them into Gold, all while playing spells to help yourself or sabotage your rivals and try not to cause too many kingdom-wide Disasters.

Flip cards(Conjure) randomly until you reveal matching elements and add them to your collection. Reveal spells that will help you and impair your rivals. Be the first to create Gold by Transmuting all 5 Noble Elements from your collection at the same time before causing too much mayhem and destruction with enough Disasters that the Royals ban Alchemancy throughout the Realm. Five Disasters is their limit. At that point, you just have to take pride in possessing the most valuable collection before ruining Alchemancy for everyone.



80 Game Cards


15-40 min



Current Version Updates:

Version 1.0 - 3/20/17


> Download Alchemania

Version 1.0

Version 1.0


What are your thoughts?

After you've played the game. I would love your feedback! Here are some questions I'd like to ask:

  1. Was the game fun to play?
  2. How many players were there?
  3. How long did the game generally take and how did it end?
  4. Were any rules or cards difficult to understand?
  5. Did you experience a low point in the game?
  6. Did you find any cards or abilities to be overpowered or underused?
  7. Do you have any card or rule suggestions?
  8. Any other comments or thoughts?

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